23.03.2015 - Chokri on The State of the Book - Flemish Parliament

How diverse do we read? These and several questions were put to several prominent speakers at the Symposium on the State of the Book in the Flemish Parliament on 23 March. We could count on many lively and inspiring debates.

"We have been turning in circles for over ten years now." - Harold Polis

State of the book became a fascinating debate with Rachida Lamrabet, a tireless Gie Goris (MO*) as moderator and psychiatrist Dirk De Wachter as keynote speaker. Thanks to #SVHB2015 and Boek.Be

"This is due to policy failures. It is strange that reference is made to the failure of migration policy by the same party that has been responsible for it for 11 years. But we too, artists libraries, publishers, ... We urgently need to review our strategies. - Chokri Ben Chikha